Beyond the Stereotypes: A Closer Look at the World of Women and Gambling

It would be unfair to say that online casinos are just man’s world. Women are also part of the success of Singapore’s best online casinos. Women and other gambling games being in the same sentence is not a strange concept at all. There is a long history of women playing casino games, both online and offline.

If you are a woman who stumbled upon this article while looking for some tips at CasinoRankingSG, you can attest to this. Although men are more dominant in number, it isn’t enough reason to exclude females from the picture. 

To break this stigma, let the facts and statistics prove this to you!

Women Gamble as Much as Men

In casino games, particularly lottery, bingo, and scratchcards, women play them as much as men do. If you really look at the statistics, there is not much of a significant difference in who often plays between men and women.

For instance, if 16% of men know how to use gambling management tools, 14% of women also know how to do the same. In a study conducted by the UK Gambling Commission, 42% of female participants were included in the study and showed that they participated in a particular gambling activity in the last four weeks. 

In essence, it only proved that women played casino games as much as men. So don’t be surprised to know that many women also played at the best online casino in Singapore. After all, both men and women can experience the release of dopamine, which makes each of their plays as exciting as ever. 

Women Preferred Different Casino Games

Although women are proven to play online casino games, their preferences tend to be different from men. The majority of the male players most likely played games that you need to strategize and have a higher risk involved. Some of the examples would be poker and, of course, sports betting. 

Female players, on the other hand, preferred games that are more entertaining and more social, such as solitaire with 45.1% and word games with 48% statistics. 

Women are Less Likely to Play Live Betting

Despite the different years conducted by the UK Gambling Commission between 2015 and 2019, both studies still showed that females have a lesser engagement in live betting. In 2015, only 15% of women played online betting, which significantly decreased in 2019 to 11%. 

Be it football, basketball, tennis, or even horse race betting offered by Singapore’s best casino online, it has a lower chance of being played by women and is most likely to be enjoyed by men. 

Influential Women in the Casino Industry

Yes, you read that right! Although women’s participation in the gambling world only became evident in the 1990s, there are still influential women in the casino industry. One of which is Lottie Deno, better known as the “Poker Queen.” She is famous in Texas and New Mexico for defeating another famous poker player, Doc Holiday, in a game of Five Card Stud. 

This fact proved that even before the rise of online casinos, women were already excelling in the gambling world. 

Women Behind the Gambling World

Women can also become more than just players; they can become part of the gambling business and the behind-the-scenes operation of the industry. Women can help develop and manage gambling games, and they can occupy a variety of positions to show their competence and knowledge.

One of the best examples would be Alice Hucker, also known as “Alice Poker,” a successful female player in the gambling world. After she spent her life playing poker, she invested her winnings into a more profitable venture, extending her success in the business aspects of gaming. In addition to Alice, there are also a multitude of female CEOs overseeing multi-millionaire casinos, showing that women can’t only play but also play a big part in the growth of the casino industry. 


In this male-dominated industry, women proved to have a place in the gambling world. This only proved that, whether you’re a man or woman, playing online casinos is an open sanctuary to play and enjoy countless games. 

If you want to know more about facts like this, you might want to check out CasinoRankingSG, have a deeper understanding of the gambling world, and find the top casino online in Singapore to start your gaming journey. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is online gambling only for men?

Absolutely not! Even decades ago, women already proved their rightful place in the gambling world. In fact, they enjoy playing casino games such as lotteries, bingo, and scratch cards, and they can even play complex ones like poker.

Why do women gamble?

Women gamble for the same reason men do—for entertainment and the thrill of the win. Not to mention the best gaming features Singapore’s best online casino has to offer. 

Are there any known women in the gambling industry?

Of course! Take Lottie Deno and Alice Hubker as the perfect examples. They’re both excellent poker players. 

Do women prefer different casino games?

Yes. Studies show that the majority of women prefer games that have a more social and entertaining nature compared to men, who favor games that have higher risk and require more strategy, such as sports betting.